Employee Wellness

employee wellnessAre you losing valuable time and energy from your employees due to poor health, missed work, or lack of energy while at work? Exercise has proven to increase the quality of one’s work, decrease the amount of missed work, decrease the amount of illnesses and money spent going to the doctor or on medications, and improve the sharpness of one’s mind. A few dollars invested now in Employee Wellness will save you and your staff valuable money in the long run.

Many companies that use JKFITNESS choose to offer preventative services like biometric screenings and health fairs. Others focus on health education. Still others choose specific issues to focus on like smoking cessation or physical activity and exercise. All of these options are excellent paths in building a wellness program relevant to the needs of your workforce. Contact us today to inquire about the program that works best for your Employee Wellness goals.

Also learn about our Corporate Wellness or Motivational Speaking services.

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