Group Training

Group Training

Group Training

Our group training will offer variety and keep you motivated in a small, personalized, and private group setting! We keep our group training small groups to ensure we can still individualize and easily work around each person’s abilities and physical limitations. Many of our clients create their own groups with family, friends or co-workers.  Get a group together and come train with us, this is often more cost effective and social all at the same time.  Group training can be a great compliment to your current fitness routine.


**NOTE – class availability and schedules may vary.
**Please call 210-388-0989 for more info.

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June Group Classes

We have 3 different fee options for our group Class training :

Unlimited Access = $150/month

Virtual Class Option Only = $75/month

Single Wkly class Option = $100/month


8:00 AM (60-min)
Pilates Mat
12:00 PM (30-min)
Flow Yoga
12:30 PM (30-min)
Core Burn
5:30PM (30-min)
11:00 AM (50-min)
No-Sweat Yoga
5:30 AM (45-min)
Power Hour
12:30 PM (30-min)
Cardio Kickboxing
6:00 AM (45-min)
Mobility & Meditation

*Highlighted classes are available for In-person and Live Virtual Training*

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Class Descriptions

Core Burn:

30-minutes of core strength and endurance training, designed to help improve total body function. Implement this into your weekly routine to enhance your performance!

Flow Yoga:

Spend 30 or 60-minutes focusing on breathwork, meditation and mobility to help your body recover from physical and mental stress.


Total body strength and conditioning class that will make you sweat and feel stronger. Enjoy a variety of training modalities in this hour-long class.

Cardio Kickboxing:

Elevate your cardio and sculpt your body with a variety of striking combinations (shadow kickboxing, footwork drills & different body weight exercises), all in 30-minutes.


High-Intensity-Interval-Training, combining strength, cardio, core and speed into 30-minutes of multiple work and rest intervals.

Pilates Mat:

Train yourself to be more aware and in-tune with your body’s posture and inner core muscles. This mat class provides overall strengthening and lengthening of the entire body.

Meditation & Mobility:

Train your brain to let go, relax, and relieve stress through guided meditation combined with gentle movements to facilitate functional mobility and joint health.

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