Yoga & Mobility Training

JKFITNESS is an advocate of incorporating yoga and/or mobility training into your weekly workout routine. We offer both small group and individualized yoga sessions. We will meet you where you are with your yoga practice; whether you’re an experienced yogi or just beginning. Yoga offers numerous benefits such as improved strength, flexibility, balance, more peace, less stress, and sound mind/body awareness just to name a few. Mobility training is also an integral piece of regular exercise and injury prevention. This type of training includes flexibility/stretching, range of motion, myofascial release as well as yoga. Being able to move your muscles in a pain free range of motion is what good flexibility is all about. Also, we tend to get different muscle imbalances depending on our training regimen and or daily work/life routine. Practicing regular range of motion and myofascial exercises can decrease these muscle imbalances and support good recovery and injury prevention.