Yoga & Mobility Training

JKFITNESS is an advocate of incorporating yoga and/or mobility training into your weekly workout routine. We offer both small group and individualized yoga sessions. We will meet you where you are with your yoga practice; whether you’re an experienced yogi or just beginning. Yoga offers numerous benefits such as improved strength, flexibility, balance, more peace, less stress, and sound mind/body awareness just to name a few. Mobility training is also an integral piece of regular exercise and injury prevention. This type of training includes flexibility/stretching, range of motion, myofascial release as well as yoga. Being able to move your muscles in a pain free range of motion is what good flexibility is all about. Also, we tend to get different muscle imbalances depending on our training regimen and or daily work/life routine. Practicing regular range of motion and myofascial exercises can decrease these muscle imbalances and support good recovery and injury prevention.

Balance & Core 

Better your posture, balance and strengthen your core in our balance and core class. This class will be everything from standing, planking and crunches. Holding tough poses for a maximum of 1 minute. This class is for beginner and advanced students. Each pose can be modified for every level. 

Power Yoga 

This class is a flow-based yoga class designed to challenge your body as you build strength, endurance, and flexibility. This is a vigorous class that will teach you to tap into your breathing as you flow through dynamic poses, stretches and balance challenges. While it is a higher intensity class, props usage and modifications are offered throughout the class to support your practice. 

Chair Yoga 

Chair yoga is a gentle form of yoga that can be done sitting on a chair or standing on the ground while using the chair for support. 

Morning Meditation

Brittney will guide you through stress releasing and energy building meditation. Place yourself in a

comfortable position either sitting or lying down. This Class can be done in person or over zoom.

Relax, Just Stretch 

Holding stretches for 1-5 minutes to take the stretch away from the muscle and focus on the connective tissue. This slow, meditation stretch class is great for your mental and physical healing. Focusing on the connective tissue helps flexibility and strengthening your joints. Dim lighting, calming music and very little talking allows your mind to be calm and at peace to take a break from the outside work. Using body weight, gravity, and deep breathing to sink deeper into the stretch. Blocks and towels are used to support your body and offer comfort. 

Myofascial Release 

Working with foam rollers, straps, and massage balls to release tightness in your fascia. Fascia is a connective tissue that surrounds your muscles and binds some structures together while permitting others to move slowly. The best way to think about fascia is the white stringy stuff on an orange that holds all the pieces together. When you are tight with little range of motion, often it’s your myofascial that is the issue.