FUEL Program


Athlete FUEL Programs

Program Description

FUEL is a program designed for athletes; especially at the intercollegiate level.  Julia Karlstad, President and Founder of JKFITNESS, is a former Division I intercollegiate athlete and she understands the physical and emotional stress that goes into being a competitive athlete.  She and her team will deliver an amazing program to enhance the long term performance of your athletes by breaking down lifestyle habits for physical, nutrition and mental success.

Fuel Objectives

1) To understand lifestyle changes that will improve fitness, decrease fatigue, decrease stress and maintain a healthy weight

  • Group participation
  • Group presentation/discussion & handout

2) To learn that food is fuel that will either maximize or hinder performance. Understand the difference between powerful vs. destructive nutrition

  • Group presentation/discussion & handouts
  • Go to the school cafeteria and learn how to make healthy choices

3) Finding the motivation and discipline to practice hard, fuel for success and constantly improve

  • To learn the components of health & fitness that will take you to the next level
  • To learn how to invest in your mental health and channel your inner thoughts so that you don’t beat yourself up

4) Individually consult with each player to help him/her get through any nutritional barriers

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