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Corporate Wellness

Employee Wellness

Are you losing valuable time and energy from your employees due to poor health, missed work, or lack of energy while at work? Exercise has proven to increase the quality of one’s work, decrease the amount of missed work, decrease the amount of illnesses and money spent going to the doctor or on medications, and improve the sharpness of one’s mind. A few dollars invested now in corporate wellness will save you and your staff valuable money in the long run.

Motivational Speaking

Are you looking for someone to speak to a group of people and motivate them to get moving?  Our staff are extremely educated and experienced in the field of wellness; they are also dynamic and talented communicators!  The owner of JKFITNESS, Julia Karlstad, has an extensive background in speaking; which includes being a basketball coach for the United States Air Force Academy, Instructing at Officer Training School for the U.S. Air Force,teaching a personal training certification course for the World Instructors Training School, and personally training thousands of clients.  Julia has been a guest speaker for several events and organizations to include: American College of Surgeons Annual Convention, Texas Association of Bariatric Surgeons Weight Loss Summit, Obesity Help Conference, Obesity Action Coalition’s Your Weight Matters National Annual Convention, Baptist Vascular Update Conference, the American Diabetes Expo, Methodist Health for Life Support Group, the Neurology Institute of San Antonio, Warm Springs Rehabilitation, the American Cancer Society and the Northern Arizona University Athletic Department. We strive to get groups motivated to live healthy and excel in speaking platforms JKFITNESS can put together a corporate wellness program that is individualized for the needs of your company. Call now to set up a meeting and discuss options on how to keep your employees healthy and save money for your business.

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