Metabolic Testing

Do you want to know EXACTLY how many calories your body burns at rest? How about your cardiovascular fitness level…would you like to know how fit you really are? JKFITNESS has state-of-the art equipment that will individually test your fitness level, metabolic rate, where you are most efficient at burning fat, and what type of calories your body is burning. Understand the physiology of your body so that you do not waste valuable time in the gym! Call and schedule your appointment today!

Resting Metabolic Rate Assessment

This will assess exactly how many calories your body burns in a resting state. In order to lose, maintain, or gain weight you need to know how many calories you’re currently burning. If you know your energy balance or calories in versus calories out you can use this as part of your metabolic assessment and live a satisfying life and feel comfortable eating the foods your body needs.

VO2 Max Assessment

Do you want to know how healthy your heart and lungs really are? The VO2 Max test will measure your heart rates and oxygen consumption (VO2). The better your body can utilize the oxygen you take in the better your fitness level. This test will also tell you exactly how many and what type of calories your body burns at different intensity levels. If you know this information you can ensure your maximizing every workout to its fullest potential.