Power 30


Power 30 is a Complete Program to Fight Inflammation and Restore Wellness

The purpose of Power 30 is to decrease inflammation, restore function, improve overall health, and facilitate long-term weight loss. Power 30 is an all-natural, evidence-based wellness program specially designed for patients with autoimmune diseases. The spark for the idea to create Power 30 was a JKFITNESS client in need of a program, beyond standard medical practices, that would improve her physical well-being. This client successfully lost 30 pounds and experienced significant improvements in her lab panels as well as her overall health and well-being through the principles of Power 30. This wellness program has subsequently helped countless JKFITNESS clients attain true health, achieve their weight loss goals, and regain vitality. Power 30 was developed from a meta-analysis of four different nutritional programs, combined with research by physicians who specialize in multiple sclerosis and other autoimmune diseases and nutritional approaches to combat these diseases. This research along with the expertise of the JKFITNESS staff (all of whom hold exercise-related undergraduate and/or graduate level degrees and have numerous years of work experience in the health and fitness profession) is what made Power 30 what it is today: a nutrient-dense all-natural nutrition program combined with the principles of exercise and mental health. The JKFITNESS Power 30 program is designed to improve physical function, help prevent or reverse disease, and facilitate sustained weight loss. Ultimately, it’s the healthiest way to live. Not only will you follow sound nutrition, but we’ll give you the rationale underlying all of the Power 30 principles so that there will be no question as to why you’re eating, exercising, and practicing mental health the way you are on the program. Power 30 is a COMPLETE wellness program that includes nutrition, exercise, and mental health techniques. It is a program that couples exercise and one-on-one accountability to ensure your success. The educational instruction will help you adopt a long-term, sustainable Power 30 lifestyle. Power 30 will improve your metabolic system and restore function and vitality through a natural approach. It is very important to understand that before you start any wellness program, you should consult with your physician. The information we provide is not intended as medical advice.  Our sole purpose is to educate people about nutrition, fitness, mental health and overall wellness. Through these means we hope to motivate everyone who seeks our expertise to live a healthier lifestyle.

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