Barbara Barnett

Barbara Barnett
Rock Solid Since July 2018

Barbara started training at JKFITNESS in November of 2016 having undergone 29 different surgeries to date; 24 of which were orthopedic-related.  Just five years after a debilitating illness, she was told that she would never walk again.  Barbara’s primary fitness goals were to improve muscular strength and balance.  She also had a goal to maintain independence and mobility so that she could continue to attend the Texas A&M football games.  Barbara attended her first Aggie football game at 2 months old and has been going to A&M football games for 79 straight years.  Her charitable contributions to Texas A&M, as well as to the community, are too large to tally.  Her heart of giving is unsurpassed.  At 80 years of age, Barbara trains two hours each week at JKFITNESS and has made tremendous strides in the improvement of her health and fitness.  She’s gained strength in all areas of her body, improved her balance, increased her flexibility and is still able to climb the stadium steps at Kyle Field with no trouble, despite all of her orthopedic complications.  She’s lost 19.2lbs and 15 inches over the past 1.5 years.  You’ll never hear Barbara complain, her “can do” attitude is Rock Solid. 

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