Brenda Smith

Brenda Smith
Rock Solid since April 2016

Brenda Smith has been a client of JKFITNESS since 2012. She has a heart of gold and is an instrumental advocate of JKFITNESS. She walks the talk of health and fitness and constantly builds a community around her as she’s always recruiting others (friends, family, fellow JKFITNESS clients, and complete strangers alike) to live the healthy lifestyle. Brenda’s main goal in coming to JKFITNESS was to stay active and improve her health.  Brenda has improved her VO2 Max score by 5.7 ml/kg/min, improved her overall strength dramatically and has lost a total of 15 pounds. Brenda has participated in nearly every JKFITNESS community event, workshop, wellness lecture, fundraiser, and charitable event.  Most recently, Brenda competed in the Alamo 13.1 Donut Dash 10K and received a medal for her efforts.  Brenda has worked out 4-5 times per week over the past four years and also makes a conscious effort to eat clean and maintain a healthy diet.  One of Brenda’s most admirable assets is her positive and motivating attitude. Her motivation has not only been instrumental in her own health improvements, but it is also contagious to other clients and staff of JKFITNESS! 

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