Carol Collie

Carol Collie
Rock Solid since February 2015

Carol Collie has been with JKFITNESS for the last two years.  She has rehabilitated her knee and shoulder, making previous limitations now strong assets to her fitness.  Carol has transformed her body by losing 12.5 inches and 15 pounds!  She’s also achieved and maintained a body fat percentage of 14.6.  Along with her body, she has also transformed her lifestyle.  She used to be stressed at the end of each day and her sedentary desk job used to drain her energy causing her to spend very little time on exercise or food preparation.  After taking on the challenge of our Power 30 Program, her skills in fitness, nutrition and mental health are all thriving.  Her exercise routine has advanced from basic to athletic including plyometrics, Tabata, HIIT and shear power.  Carol is 57 years old but leads a life as if she’s in her thirties.  She motivates everyone around her and is the perfect representation of ROCK SOLID. 

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