Christian Turner

Christian Turner
Rock Solid Since July 2017

Christian Turner started training with JKFITNESS in September 2015 with goals of losing weight and gaining muscle.   He has far surpassed his initial goals and has achieved over 40 pounds of weight loss and drastically improved his strength and conditioning.  His strength progressed from 70 pounds on the leg curl machine to 150 pounds for a 6 rep max!  Christian has significantly increased his flexibility, balance, mind/body awareness, and overall coordination.  He incorporated yoga into his weekly routine and is able to perform increasingly challenging yoga poses with near perfect form.  He progressed from only being able to hold a chair pose for a few seconds before losing balance.  He now moves with ease and flow from pose to pose with little effort.  Christian has greatly benefited from his strength exercises and yoga practice with a phenomenal change in his attitude and mental health.  Because of Christian’s commitment, discipline, and effort inside and outside of the gym, the JKFITNESS Team recognizes Christian Turner as Rock Solid! 

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