Christina Freeman

Rock Solid since June 2020

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Christina had the gastric sleeve surgery on March 25, 2019. She has lost a total of 117.5lbs. Christina’s heaviest weight was 256.5 pounds; she lost a little over 30 pounds pre-operatively and is now at 139lbs and 5’6” tall. This puts her at an ideal body weight and BMI (22.4). She also decreased her body fat by 21.2% through her weight loss journey and completely resolved her high blood pressure. Christina started virtual distance training with JKFITNESS in September of 2019 after listening to Julia Karlstad give a support group talk to her weight loss surgeon’s patients. Christina had never strength trained prior to training with JKFITNESS, but now considers it a necessity and values the physical and mental benefits of the training. She lost 18.5 total inches in girth since she started strength training and has dramatically increased her strength and physical stamina. She even took up running and can run 4-5 miles with ease for a cardio workout. Christina is also a wife and loving mother to her three year old daughter, Claire. Christina is a rock solid testament to lifestyle change and improved wellness!

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