Cindy Kimling

Rock Solid since December 2014

Cindy success storySince June of 2013, Cindy has made numerous gains in her health and fitness. At 59 years of age with several joint and medical conditions [to include herniated discs, elbow tendonitis, sciatica, a rotator cuff tear, and exercise induced asthma], Cindy hasn’t allowed any of these conditions to limit her ability to be a competitive athlete!

Through training at JKFITNESS, Cindy improved her tennis game, resolved her sciatica, improved her flexibility, increased her strength, and has decreased her back pain dramatically. Her cardiovascular fitness is categorized as superior with a VO2 score of 35.8 and her body fat composition is in the lean athletic category. Cindy’s work ethic and positive attitude in the gym is unsurpassed. Most importantly, she is a true example of being Rock Solid!

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