Denise Burke

Denise Burke
Rock Solid since August 2017

Denise BurkeDenise Burke started training with JKFITNESS on October 17, 2016. She came to us as a
breast cancer survivor (enduring a double mastectomy) and had recently been discharged from physical therapy (PT), doing PT for axonal neuropathy and unexplained nerve damage affecting her right foot/ankle. When Denise came to JKFITNESS, she was suffering from foot drop, decreased ankle mobility, neuropathy, muscle tightness and weakness of her right lower extremity. All of this affected her gait as she was walking with a noticeable limp. In 8 short months, Denise has regained full mobility of her right ankle, resolved her foot drop, walks with a normal gait, and has improved strength in her right extremity. Additionally, she’s changed her body composition through Power 30, decreased her body fat (BF) percentage by ~ 5% (starting at 31.89% BF and now has a 26.04% BF; placing her at a normal body composition for her demographic). Denise improved her hamstring and low back flexibility by 10 inches. She increased her body strength: starting with doing push-ups on a ballet bar to 5 full body push-ups, improved her abdominal strength (beginning at 14 full sit-ups to doing 27 full sit-ups in one minute), holding a wall squat for 43 seconds to 75 seconds, and went from balancing on her affected leg for 2 seconds to holding it for 33 seconds. She consistently trains at JKFITNESS 2 x/week and also trains regularly on her own. Denise is a testament of what exercise can do to regain full mobility after an unexpected medical condition.

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