Laurel Bragg

Laurel Bragg
Rock Solid since July 2015

Laurel BraggLaurel came to JKFITNESS in July of 2014 with a handful of medical conditions; high cholesterol, osteoarthritis, and numerous joint limitations, to name a few. Laurel has lost a total of 180 pounds since January of 2014, and 130 of those pounds since working with JKFITNESS. In addition to the tremendous amount of weight loss, she is 15 inches smaller in the areas we measure. In just one year, she’s increased her cardiovascular VO2 score by 9.9 points, increased her lower back and hamstring flexibility by 5.5 inches, can do 27 full sit-ups and has increased her overall strength tremendously. Laurel’s joint pain has decreased significantly, while her labs have normalized including previously high cholesterol, thyroid and blood sugar. She implemented exercise as a regular part of her life, working out consistently 5 to 6 times per week! She trained for and completed her first 5K ever, and has since completed another 5K, decreasing her race time. Laurel constantly makes new activity goals for herself, and finds it very rewarding that she is now able to move more freely to do so many different activities. Some of the activity goals she’s accomplished this year include: playing tennis, riding a bicycle, practicing yoga, snorkeling, bowling, horseback riding, kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding, hiking, and traveling the world!

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