Michelle Richardson

Michelle Richardson
Rock Solid since October 2015

Michelle RichardsonMichelle has been a client of JKFITNESS since March of 2011. She is 53 years of age, but her physique and overall fitness would fool you into believing she’s in her mid-30s! Her VO2 score is 44.5 mL O2/kg/min, placing her cardiovascular fitness in the superior category. She has completed a total of 31 half marathons and 13 full marathons. She achieved her Personal Records (PR) for both race distances while in her 50s; her half marathon PR is 1:55:03 (averaging a sub 9 min./mile pace) and her full marathon PR is 4:13:21 (averaging a sub 10 min./mile pace). In addition to her rigid marathon and half marathon training, Michelle does strength training at JKFITNESS once a week and trains in aerial circus training once per week. Additionally, she’s a certified Pilates instructor and practices Pilates weekly herself. Michelle constantly walks the talk of health and fitness and is absolutely Rock Solid!

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