Paul Waryas

Paul Waryas
Rock Solid since July 2015

Paul WaryasSince training with JKFITNESS, this loyal client has lost a total of 57.2 lbs. and 8 inches in his waist! Paul is 67 years of age, is six feet tall, and has achieved his personal goal weight of 220.6 lbs. At one time in his life, he weighed as much as 310 lbs. Paul exercises on a regular basis averaging four to five workouts each week. He has resolved his high blood pressure through consistent exercise and healthy nutrition. He’s taken his nutrition to a new level by making sure the majority of his intake consists of whole food and lean meat-based products. He’s also become quite the baker, as he frequently whips up healthy muffins, scones, yogurt from scratch, and other goodies…all gluten-free and absent of any refined sugars. Probably one of the most admirable things about Paul Waryas is that he’s also supportive of his wife, Carol and her health and wellness goals. Paul is definitely ROCK SOLID in his health and fitness!

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