Susan Pamerleau

Susan Pamerleau
Rock Solid Since July 2018

Susan started training with JKFITNESS three years ago. She showed great strength and endurance back then and has continued to not only maintain strength, but increase her strength. Susan’s goals were to stay fit and healthy. Her dedication to health and fitness has been critical and paramount to her impressive professional career. Susan served 32 years in the U.S. Air Force, was the Sheriff of Bexar county from 2012-2016, and recently received an appointment by the President of the United States as U.S. Marshall of the Western district of Texas. Throughout her journey of service, she has been dedicated to her health. Susan always works hard during her workouts at JKFITNESS; she trains 2 times weekly in addition to weekly long walks on the River Walk. Susan has increased her upper body and lower body strength; when she first started working with JKFITNESS she could do 10 full body push-ups in a minute and now she can do 39. She increased her wall sit time from 2 minutes to 3  and 1/2 minutes.  She even increased her sit and reach flexibility from 10″ to 14″.  Susan is a model of health and fitness and worthy of the Rock Solid recognition!  

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