TETCO Executive Group

TETCO Executive Group Rock Solid Since March 2017

The TETCO executive group has demonstrated persistence and commitment in their physical fitness and overall wellness.  In May of 2015, the TETCO executive group joined JKFITNESS as a corporate wellness account.  They have all made tremendous improvement s in their overall health and fitness.  Combined they’ve lost ~ 75 total pounds, several inches and all have dramatically improved their muscular strength and cardiovascular fitness.

• Jon Turner lost 21 lbs and 4 inches in his waist.  He also significantly lowered his A1C and has lowered his daily insulin requirement.

• Javier Trevino improved his VO2 score by 9 total points and most impressively, he can squat 225 lbs on a 10 rep maximum barbell squat, bench press 75 lb DBs on a 10 rep maximum chest press, and has improved his flexibility by 2.25” on the sit and reach test.

• Rick Turner has lost 45 lbs and is down a total of 7 inches.  He’s also increased his stamina and daily energy along with drastically improving his balance.

• Patrick Furlong improved his lower body strength by over 100%; as well as 6 rep max bench press assessment by 57%.

Combined, this group of executive professionals dramatically improved their fitness level, but more importantly, they attribute their increased fitness to improved energy and overall work performance in the office!  The TETCO executive group is ROCK SOLID and worth of this recognition. 

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