Contributed by Bethany Reynolds
Health & Fitness Professional

Cardio Date

Next time you think to say, “Lets meet up for coffee” change is to “Lets meet up for cardio!” You might find that meeting up with a friend for a walk, hike, or bike ride gives you more energy.

I have found that working out with a friend raises my spirits and I experience less fatigue. To squeeze in some exercises with a friend rethink where you might usually meet up. Skip the happy hour atmosphere or the movies and be active. If the exercise routine is enjoyable you are more likely to stick with it. Being social does not have to revolve around coffee, food, or alcohol. Choose to make connections with people in your life and continue to find new ways to grow healthier.

If you’re looking to find ways to add more cardio into your exercise routine while also meeting new friends to sweat with, join us for our July walking challenge!

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