Contributed by: Bethany Reynolds, AFAA- CPT

Healthy Dining Tips

When you are headed to dinner….by the time you get seated, place the order, and receive your dish, it might be over an hour since you left the house. You might feel ravenous if you haven’t eaten since lunch. My advice is, avoid going out when you’re starving.

If you’re dining out for lunch or dinner, make sure you have a healthy breakfast or lunch and maybe even a snack in between. That way you avoid eating with your eyes and resist the
temptation to order an appetizer, entrée, and the high calorie dessert. A balanced snack with fat, protein, and carbs can help you feel less hungry when you’re at the restaurant. This way you’ll be more likely to make better decisions.

Don’t let your brain confuse thirst with hunger. Stay hydrated by drinking water with that snack, or, at the very least, drink some water on the way to the restaurant. While you enjoy your healthy snack you can research the menu for dinner. If you know you’ll be tempted by the extensive, delicious sounding options once you arrive, then look up the menu ahead of time.

Decide early on a healthy dish you’ll order. Restaurants are giving out that information now because people request it. Use this information to your advantage. Make the healthiest
decision for you then relax and enjoy the company and conversation. Bon Appetit.

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