Take Charge of Your Health

Contributed by: Michael Devon, B.A., NASM-CPT

If you feel like trying to eat healthy and working out regularly are too hard in today’s society, then you would be correct. As technology continues to save us time by making everyday tasks, like driving to work instead of having to walk, easy and effortless, and in the age of instantly streaming various forms of entertainment to a device that can fit in the palm of your hand, we are finding it convenient to stay sedentary more often now than in the past.

Our increased sedentary habits lead us to watching more television, spending more time on our smart phones, and in turn lead us to unhealthy habits like eating when we are bored, making more unhealthy food choices compared to healthier ones, and following the status quo that “everyone is overweight today” so it’s okay if I have my cake and eat it too.

In today’s society it is a constant battle between living a healthy lifestyle and giving into unhealthy habits. News flash- it’s not going to be easy to become the healthiest version of yourself because we are constantly tempted by yummy looking pizza commercials, peer pressured into going out with our friends and skipping the gym, and taking the elevator instead of the stairs because stairs take too long.

If managing your weight is important to you then you must make your health a priority and take responsibility for the healthy decisions you are or aren’t making. If you need an extra push in the right direction then contact JKFITNESS today so we can take that first step together!

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