Tips to Deal with Stress and Anxiety

Contributed by: Ciara Floyd, M.S., NSCF-CPT, NSCA-CSCS


Many people deal with stress and anxiety on a daily basis.  The cause of

stress or anxiety can stem from things you have control over, such as

your family or your health choices, or from matters outside of your

control such as a co-worker.  No matter the source, a high level of

stress and anxiety can have a negative impact on your overall health.

Below are a few things that you can change to decrease the amount of

stress and anxiety in your life.


Exercise –  Regular exercise and physical activity can decrease stress

hormones, elevate mood, and improve sleep quality.


Essential Oils – Many essential oils such as lavender, sandalwood, and

rose are soothing, with calming scents.


Caffeine intake – Although coffee can be safe and healthy in

moderation, the stimulant effect could cause you to be jittery or

anxious.  Each individual has a different tolerance, so if you notice

that you are consistently anxious or jittery, try cutting back on your

caffeine intake.


Laugh – It is hard to think about what is causing you stress or anxiety

while you are laughing.  Laughing can also relieve muscle tension.  Try

watching a funny television show, online video, or hanging out with

friends that make you laugh.


Yoga – Try taking a yoga class to decrease stress.  The goal of all yoga

classes is to connect the body and mind.  This can lead to a decrease in

stress hormones as well as blood pressure.


Practice Mindfulness – Mindfulness can be described as living in the

present.  Many daily stressors are things that people cannot control at

that moment. Mindfulness opposes the negative thinking that can lead to



It is no surprise that there are many causes for stress and anxiety.

Although it is not possible or probable to totally eliminate stress and

anxiety, some of these techniques can help negate the negative effects

on your health.


Reference: Authority Nutrition, 2016

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