3 Steps to Quiet Your Anxiety

Contributed by: Ciara Floyd, M.S., NSCF-CPT, NSCA-CSCS

Anxiety and worry affect everyone in different ways and different situations. You may worry about your family’s safety, whether you did something wrong if a friend didn’t text you back, or if you made the right decision about the new job you just chose. These types of thoughts are completely normal. Here are 3 questions you can ask yourself to calm down when you are worried or anxious.
1. Is this really a threat? – Is your worry something that could cause harm to you or your loved ones? Thinking about this can help you calm down and realize you may be overthinking.
2. Have I done all I can to be prepared? – If you are worried about a decision you recently made and its repercussions make sure you have done everything you can to be as prepared as possible and find comfort in your preparedness.
3. Is my mind just going into overdrive? – Often this comes into play when you are sleeping. Try taking a few deep breaths and remind yourself that once you wake up that worry will be gone.
Next time you are feeling anxious or worried, try asking yourself these three questions, take a deep breath, and take control of the things you can.


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