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Are you trying to lose weight medically or surgically? Have you thought about undergoing weight loss surgery or have you already had a weight-loss surgery procedure? Do you fully understand why exercise is critical to long-term success of your weight-loss journey? Do you know how to exercise pre- and post- operatively in order to maximize your weight loss? With bariatric surgery, there are many components that will aid in achieving the weight loss you desire. Our health and fitness professionals understand what types of exercises along with the frequency, intensity, and duration to compliment your weight loss surgery and promote long-term weight loss. Our personal trainers are educated, experienced, empathetic, and passionate for the weight loss surgery patient. We know what it takes to promote healthy weight loss through exercise that is injury free! We have developed long-standing relationships with various Bariatric physicians and surgeons in San Antonio. Call today and let us guide you.

Annie’s Case Study

annie-pic-small“I underwent a gastric bypass in December 2010 and knew that an exercise regimen would be crucial to my long-term success. I was able to start a cardio routine within a couple weeks of the surgery and knew that I needed to start strength training as well, but didn’t really know where to begin. Just a few weeks later, a trainer from JKFITNESS came to my surgical support group meeting to talk about the importance of strength training after weightloss surgery. I was struck not only by his experience and knowledge in realm of exercise science and physiology, but by his experience in the field of bariatrics — knowing that I wouldn’t have to explain all that I had been through meant a lot to me. It’s now been over a year that I have been working out 2-3 times per week at JKFITNESS and the results speak for themselves. I’m in better shape than I ever thought possible and just completed my first duathlon! I owe my success to my own determination and to dedicated trainers at JKFITNESS. The trainers are professional, sensitive, knowledgable and always keep things interesting. I also highly recommend the metabolic testing! It takes the guess work out of how many calories you should actually be consuming and how hard you should be working out, instead of relying on a chart that may not apply to you.”

– Annie

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