Do My Core Muscles Build Better Balance?

Contributed by: Bethany Reynolds AFAA-CPT, CI-GEL

The core muscles are arguably the most important muscle group in your body.
They occupy areas in your lower back, hips, glutes, and of course, the trunk.
Everyday living requires constant use of the core muscles and they are vital
to common movements, such as lifting, twisting, reaching, and bending.
Muscles in other parts of the body might attract more attention, like legs
for women or upper body for men, but a strong core is a critical component of
overall heath and good fitness.

Weak core muscles can contribute to back pain and poor posture.
These are signs you feel and see but have you checked your balance lately?
Your core muscles stabilize your entire body, so a weak core will affect your
ability to balance.

Since poor balance is not always recognized, you’ll need to perform a
test. Check your balance by standing on one foot with your eyes closed.
Test one leg and then the other. If you can’t hold this position for at
least ten-seconds with both legs, your balance needs attention — probably
because of an underdeveloped core. Try different exercises to improve your
balance. Here is link to get your started.

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