Get Your 10,000 Steps in While Staying at Home

Contributed by: Amanda Albiar, NCSF-CPT

Sometimes you are so busy at home and/or running around the house with kids that it feels like you have run a marathon. You look at your FIT-BIT, pedometer or phone app to track your steps and see you still have steps to catch up on. Here are a few ways you can quickly add steps in or around your own home.

(1) DANCE PARTY – Turn on your favorite playlist for up to 3 songs, and channel your inner “Dancing with the Stars”….who cares if you don’t have all the moves? Your kids and pets won’t mind. Blow off some steam and be crazy for a bit.

(2) HOP-SCOTCH – Turn a classic game into fun for all. Draw out your hop-scotch outside on the sidewalk or driveway or create one inside with painters tape. You will get some agility training and your kids will learn a new game.

(3) TAKE A WALK – Get out of the house and get some fresh air. This will definitely help you recharge. Meet up with some neighbors or take the dog for a walk.

(4) LOOP AROUND THE HOUSE – Create another fun game with your kids inside. In smaller spaces, add to the number of loops you take. Add some obstacles for an interesting twist.

(5) SQUEEZE IN AN AT-HOME WORKOUT – When your kids are playing, eating, or napping; knock out a couple of exercises to increase your heart rate. Marching, high knees, curb taps,
and step lunges have never been so useful. It doesn’t have to be a full on workout, just free movement.

Source: SkinnyMom May 2016

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