Getting Back on the Right Track

Provided by: Catherine Pitman, M.S., ACE-PT

We are definitely in some crazy times right now. Many of us are having to find new ways to deal with different stressors. Old tactics we used to employ to deal with stress just aren’t working or we are unable to do them due to social distancing. Maybe we used to go to the gym at the same time every day or we used to meet friends for dinner on the weekend. How many of you are finding you are snacking or drinking throughout the day more? Or maybe you’re leaning more on food for comfort? It’s times like these where we have to rely on discipline more than motivation to get us through each day. This new stress and lack of control that we are feeling can take us down if we don’t do something about it. Think about ways you can destress and take back some control in your life. Get back on the right path!

Try these two simple tips to do just that…get back on the right path:

Move more. Exercise for 30 minutes! Turn a room, hallway, or porch into a workout area. If you have trouble working out at home, defining a workout area can help. You do not need equipment. There are lots of exercises you can do with just your bodyweight. A JKFITNESS trainer can set you up with an awesome workout regardless of what equipment you may or may not have. Many of us move less while we are stuck in the confines of our homes. Do 25 jumping jacks every hour or 10 pushups. You’ll feel so much better mentally and physically!

Diminish that urge to mindlessly snack. Make sure you are not skipping meals and that you are eating a balance of nutrients. For instance, if you are hungry and decide to eat chips for lunch, your appetite will never be satisfied no matter how many you eat! If you build a meal with a balance of protein, healthy carbs, and healthy fat your body will get the nutrients it needs and feel much more satisfied. Try drinking some tea! Do you ever feel the urge to have something sweet after dinner? Try a cup of plain or sweetened tea with a drop of Stevia to help curb that sweet tooth.