Take A Breath

Contributed by Dani Barbosa

Take a break and get outside for a walk!

This new lock down lifestyle has been a major adjustment for everybody. We are mentally exhausted from the constantly evolving situation that we have found ourselves in. The news cycle doesn’t end, it’s hard to step away from work when your office is your living room, and grocery shopping is now your major weekly outing.

As our fast-paced world is slowing down, you should also take a few moments from your day and slow down. It doesn’t have to be much, you don’t have to sit on the floor alone in a room with candles and relaxing music (unless you want to), but you should find a few moments in your day to take a breath and let go from everything – work, stress, worry, or whatever keeps you up at night. Here are a few suggestions to help you deal with your stress:

  1. Take a short walk outside – 5, 10, 15 minutes outside can do the body good. Step outside, walk around, take in the sun (if it’s out), and breathe the fresh air.
  2. Write it down – keep a notebook near and jot down any thoughts or feelings that happen to be lingering in your head. Read them back to yourself as if your best friend was confiding in you, what would you say to console them?
  3. Take a breather – find a comfortable position for you, you can lie on the floor, your favorite recliner, on the ground with your feet up the wall, whatever works for you. Close your eyes, place your hands over your belly, and take 10 big breaths in through your nose. Try to fill yourself with air and slowly let go.
  4. Exercise – Try one of our 30-minute sessions with a trainer for a personalized one on one workout, created just for you. Exercise is proven to decrease stress, improve your mood, self-esteem, and sleep quality. We also have FREE group workout classes! Give these a try!
  5. Dance it out – put your favorite song on as loud as you want, dance and sing your heart out like no one is watching. Do it alone, with your family, or on a zoom call with your best friends.
  6. Be kind to yourself. Don’t spend your time stressing about things you can’t control or the things you didn’t get done. So what if maybe you have one to many quarantine snacks or you missed a workout, you can get back on track. The JKFITFAM is here for you.

We are all in this together! Keep moving and stay well! See you all soon! (: