Head to the Barre

Contributed by Bethany Reynolds
Health & Fitness Professional

As trainers at JKFITNESS we are always seeking new ways to help our clients reach their goals. I recently sought out a Barre certification. The barre technique is a workout routine that combines elements of ballet, Pilates, yoga, and light weight training into an efficient and effective workout. Barre is a total body workout that sometimes utilizes a ballet barre to perform small isometric movements. By using one’s own body weight as resistance while, challenging the core, stability, and balance; barre classes manage to give both strength and muscle tone. The barre serves as a prop, along with exercise balls, resistance bands, and light hand weights. Example moves include squeezing a ball between the inner thighs while standing on tiptoes, and standing leg lifts to engage the backside. The workout burns fat and produces a stronger core, tones arms, toned thighs, and firmer buttocks. Barre is for all ages and levels of fitness. I hope to work with you in the studio and show what a fun yet challenging workout Barre is!

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