Holistic Living

Contributed by: Dustin Gonzalez, M.S., NASM-CPT

The concept of holistic living is not a new one, yet many people are still unclear about its meaning. Often misused as ‘holistic healing’, a holistic lifestyle goes beyond the approach of just healing the body, mind and spirit naturally.

Holistic healing consists of all the modalities of healing, and include such techniques as therapeutic massage, acupuncture, herbal medicines, and a myriad of other healing methods. Most of these are ancient practices originating in the Eastern world and proven to have tremendous benefits when used alone or with modern medicine.

Holistic living takes it a step beyond healing the body, mind and spirit. When approaching life with a holistic view, a person continues to live holistically even after the healing has taken place. Furthermore, the healing is reflected out into the world to include healing others and the planet.
Living in harmony with nature is what Mother Nature always intended. Living peacefully with others is what the Universe has always wanted for us too. It’s never too late to start. One small conscious effort at a time is all you need to begin the journey of inner and outer change.

Source: Nasm.org

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