Learn to Enjoy the Little Things

Contributed by: Dustin Gonzalez, M.S., NASM-CPT

What’s so great about the little things in life?

They are what we will remember and appreciate when we reflect on days gone by. A little thing may be a fun evening with friends. It may be the joy of learning something new. It may be listening to the giggles of your kids. It may be the warm feeling you get when you’ve done a simple kindness for a friend or a stranger. It may be noticing nature bloom and blossom.

Appreciate that life is made up of moments. We tend to think of life as the passage of days, weeks, years and decades. But, in essence, life is made up of moments. As you reflect on your day, what moments stand out for you? Is it the stress of trying to do it all? Is it the stuff that didn’t get done? Is it the disappointment in yourself for what you forgot to do or failed to do, or a gloomy feeling about how far you are from the top? If so, it’s time for you to make a shift. Each day, pay attention to at least one or two moments that worked out well for you. In this competitive world of ours, we often need to remind ourselves of what we have accomplished. And always, always, we need to remind ourselves to be our best friend.

Reference: blog.NASM.org

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