Contributed by: Amanda Albiar, B.A., NCSF-CPT

Strong All Year Long

“New Year, New You!” You see this every year, you read the same
resolutions, and even have the same of your own. As I too have done the
same, I definitely wanted this next year to be a positive challenge
for me. I’ve stumbled upon various ways to go about New Year’s
resolutions and making them personal….but not until I stumbled upon this
idea…..did I really like the challenge.

Not only does it give you a way to stay positive all year long, the chance that you will venture away from your challenges are less. You are more likely to stick with a 12 month
challenge that varies, rather than just going on a few resolutions that
will diminish before March. We all know that feeling.
I love the mantra, “I am strong!” This is one way to keep positive
affirmation and stay strong all year long. Below are some examples of the year long challenge.


January Challenge: Strong Body Diet….in my case it’s the 21-Day CLEAN
February Challenge: Compliment Yourself More…..5 compliments per
day….it’s hard being YOU!
March Challenge: Set a Strength Goal….small goal to accomplish first and
create a plan for the goal
April Challenge: Gratitude Journal….10 things your are grateful for
May Challenge: Pack Your Fitness Schedule….5 days of workouts
June Challenge: Meditation And Affirmation….20min per day
July Challenge: Kickass Combat….try kickboxing or combat-type classes
August Challenge: The Buddy System…find someone else who wants to be strong
September Challenge: Try a New Workout….pick new classes or get outdoors
October Challenge: Learn a New Skill….cooking, craft, art, or language
November Challenge: Heat Things Up….try new indoor classes or hot yoga
December Challenge: Give Back….more charitable habits

You can mix up the months or create your own. It’s all about YOU! Share with us your own challenges and let us know how we can help.

Dec. 2017

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