Contributed by Dustin Gonzales
Health & Fitness Professional

New Year’s Resolution Fail? No Problem!

What are the reasons for making a new year’s resolution? Is it simply weight loss, building strength, or increasing endurance? Have you been successful yet? If not, what’s the deal and why aren’t we making any progress? Some resolutions just aren’t feasible for every person. Be honest with yourself. Obtaining goals creates positive energy and making attainable goals will fuel more success and keep you on track. If you are constantly over-reaching or not being honest about the type of goals that you set for yourself; you’ll lose site of the real importance of your training and develop a negative thought pattern about exercise. Switch things up!

It’s best to start with small goals and then continue building onto them as you progress. Let’s say weight loss is your main goal but you also really want to try a number of different activities; yoga, rock climbing and biking. Although you might be motivated and excited to jump right in and get going; it is best to stick to one or just a couple things and don’t over commit to doing too much at once. Focus on the benefits of the exercise that have nothing to do with weight and you’ll start feeling the results before you may even see them. It was the tortoise that won the race against the hare. Slow, steady and consistent will get you to your goals. Starting with just twice a week is enough to get you going, then if you like what you’re doing, you can always add more days into the mix.

The purpose of a new year resolution is to encourage healthy habits; it’s important to show yourself compassion and develop a healthy relationship with that resolution. Don’t beat yourself up or throw it all away when things don’t go as planned; stay the course and continuing working towards your goals!


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