Power 30 Changed My Life

Contributed by: Carol Kline

I was familiar with the Power 30 program for nearly two years because I’m the administrative assistant for JKFITNESS. I’ve seen clients get started and experience positive results on the program and I’ve even sat in on training about the nutrition program.  I had a basic understanding of the program and the principles, but it wasn’t until I registered for the group Power 30 program that I truly understood the real “power” behind Power 30.

Being gluten-free is just one principle of the program, and I liked becoming gluten-free. After eliminating gluten I realized I may not have an intolerance to gluten; however, it did teach me what gluten is and what foods contain it.  Admittedly I do feel better when I don’t have a lot of gluten and truthfully I was probably eating too much of it before starting this program.

The recipes were easy to follow and my kids and I had fun trying each one.  The ingredients were pretty basic and easy to shop for.

And this wasn’t the only thing I realized, through Power 30 I developed a greater understanding of what happens when you don’t consume enough calories.  Through one of the tracking tools, I tracked my food for several days and realized I was throwing off my metabolism by not eating enough.  Another component of the program that I gained a greater respect for is the importance of sleep and relaxation.

What surprised me most about Power 30 is how easy and long term it is.  This isn’t just a weight loss program that you quit once you get to your goal weight, it is a lifestyle program that has changed my eating habits forever.


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