Soy is Not a Health Food

Contributed by Carol Kline (referenced from

There is much debate about the health properties of soy. One thing is certain — soy products contain phytic acid, which has anti-nutritive properties. Phytic acid binds with certain nutrients, such as iron, to inhibit their absorption. This is a direct, physical effect that takes place in your digestive system. They’ve also been found to contain toxins and disruptive plant estrogen that can damage your thyroid.
Most processed, non-fermented soy products also contain added flavorings, preservatives, sweeteners, emulsifiers and synthetic nutrients – not what you get after the traditional fermentation process that ancient cultures put their soy through before they would eat it.
As a result of modern processing, most of today’s soy foods are loaded with anti-nutrients that are said to have been linked to:

• Malnutrition and digestive problems
• Thyroid dysfunction
• Cognitive decline
• Reproductive disorders
• Immune system breakdowns
• Heart disease and cancer

What makes an otherwise inedible food nutritious? The fermenting process. For more information, go to


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