Staying Lean All Season Long

Provided by: Michael Devon, NASM-CPT

A great way to stay lean this holiday season is to consume less calories the week leading up to a holiday party, or 3-5 days before. Weight loss depends on how much you eat every single day, and weight loss goals are achieved by a consistent approach to your total daily caloric consumption.

If you eat less calories several days before a holiday party this leaves a safety net of available calories for your total caloric consumption for the week. If you typically eat 1,500 calories per day then this adds up to a total of 10,500 calories for 7 days (one week). In order to create that safety net you should decrease your daily calories each day (depending on your weight loss goals) leading up to the party. Allowing yourself a bigger caloric budget for the day of the party!

• Understand that this is not a long term approach for successful weight loss, but it can be used as a tool to remain as close to your weight loss goals as possible, while enjoying the holidays with friends and family.

• Enjoy some treats you typically would not eat on a daily basis, but just make sure you consume these treats in moderation.

Remind yourself that what you do every day produces the results you want long term. It is possible to stay on track with your nutrition goals during the holiday season!

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