Tips on keeping a fitness routine

1. Building a Routine 

– Plan your training a week in advance and adjust it to fit your personal/work schedule. – Change up your routine every 4-6 weeks. 

– Structure your routine specific to your goals. 

– Write it down and place it somewhere you’ll see every day. 

– Schedule workouts in your week so that you can have a set routine with little to no interruptions. 

2. Getting Started 

– Wake up early to get it done 

– Go right after work 

– Having late nights 

– Using the only free moment you have in the day to go 

– Believing that your health is a priority, schedule self-care time for yourself 

– Make a priority in your day for YOU time.  

– Do your workout with one or more friends to hold each other accountable. 

3. Be Patient and Play the Long Game. 

– Don’t expect change to happen quickly.  

– Don’t compare your journey to someone else’s. 

– Be excited to enjoy the slow process and long journey. 

– It is a lifelong commitment. 

4. Start With Something Easy 

– Don’t jump straight into a hard workout that may take you a few months to work up to. – Always play it safe and ease into your workout; add more as you go and feel comfortable. 

– Plan your training in 4–6-week blocks with a specific focus. 

– Add to the workout as you get stronger. 

– Start the day with a 15-minute workout. Anything is better than nothing.  

5. Building Your Nutrition Plan 

– Plan your meals a week in advance. 

– Drink 8oz of water first thing in the morning. BEFORE COFFEE 

– Add electrolytes to your day. 

– More simple meals the better, such as lean meat and vegetables 

– Focus on your meals. 

– Don’t tell yourself you can’t have any sweets and treats, simply control how much you have.  

6. During Celebrations/ Holidays & Vacations 

– Don’t let holidays/celebrations be an excuse to stop your routine. 

– Follow your routine as best you can. 

– Adjust around any plans or busy days. 

– Plan a day in advance what activity you like to do such as a quick walk, or a quick full-body workout. 

– Plan your week to hit multiple muscle groups. That way if you miss a day, you have a day to make it.