Mental Health Awareness

May is mental Health Awareness month, are you aware of your own mental health? Everyone should be taking the time to focus on the mental health just as much as their physical health. Don’t let yourself get to the breaking point before you start taking control. Mental Health should be something you are aware of everyday. Allow each emotion to be felt and understood. Situations control your thoughts; thoughts control your emotions, and your emotions control your actions. Suppressing your emotions only prolongs the situation and makes the pain much more difficult to handle. Take a moment and ask yourself these questions when you are getting overwhelmed.

  • Is it true?
  • Can you possibly know it is true?
  • Is it facts or opinion?
  • Whose business are you involved in?
  • Is it your business, someone else, or universe?
  • What thoughts or actions can you take to see the situation in a different or positive point of view?

After you have answered all these questions and have brought your mind and body to the present moment, ask yourself which state of mind would you rather be in? The stressed, overwhelmed and over thinking or the calm and in control of your thoughts, feelings, and action?