What is the Big Deal About Exercise?

Contributed by: Michael Devon, NASM-CPT

The benefits of exercise go way beyond weight management and changing your body composition, although these are both a plus! Moderate intensities of daily exercise can help to regulate blood sugar, decrease anxiety, improve circulation, improve strength, increase energy, decrease depression, improve heart health, improve bone health, decrease the risk of disease, improve sleep and decrease your risks of falls later in life.

Did you know 30 minutes of brisk walking counts as exercise? If you don’t have time in your daily schedule for 30 minutes all at one time then you can break the walking up into 15 minute segments before work and after work. You can even try fitting in the walk on your lunch break.  Of course longer bouts of exercise will give you greater benefits and eventually you’ll need to exercise at harder intensities to reap even more benefit, but if you can start slow and gradually progress you’ll start to notice subtle benefits almost immediately! Remember, some exercise is better than none and more exercise is better than some.

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