Burn Fat… FAST?

Contributed by: Bethany Reynolds, AFAA-CPT, CI-GEL

Burning fat does not happen fast, it is a slow and steady race and you have to be patient and work for it each and everyday. Advertisers tell us that we can become slim quick, that we can blast the belly, achieve a trim physique quickly, burn fat fast, cleanse, detox, and get cut. The real truth is that everybody who is “fit” in some capacity had to fight the good fight to get there. You can’t build muscle without some struggle and you can’t maintain it without struggling in some way.

There is not any pill that you can take that will magically make your belly vanish and there is no waist belt that you can wear that will melt away fat over night, you have to be willing to work every day toward achieving your weight loss goals. We all have personal challenges to face and these challenges can change with each season or some challenges can smack us in the face each and every day. We have to do our best to get back up and keep moving forward despite whatever is in our way.

Remember, getting fit is not inside a product you purchase at the store, it is in you. Expect it to be a challenge but find help along the way. Dig deep and fight to be the best version of you, it will be worth it!

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