When the Leaves Drop, It’s Time to Drop Weight- Use Fall to Get in Your Best Shape

Contributed by: Amanda Albiar, B.A., NCSF-CPT

September is the new “New Year” as far as weight loss potential. Think about it, your weight loss might have slowed, or even stopped, over the summer with the season’s social expectations— festivals, BBQs, weddings, vacations, and summer beverages.

The fall season also comes with a few perks that the New Year doesn’t (besides less-crowded gyms and workout classes), making it perhaps the most underrated time of year to lose weight. The weather itself is ideal. Unlike blazing summer days and frigid January temperatures, fall weather is perfect for getting outside and being active. The temperatures are cooler, parks are likely less crowded, and the emerging autumn colors offer a nice change of scenery.

After a fun, busy summer, the fall offers that back-to-school routine that you can use to your advantage to get back on track for things that fell by the wayside during the summer. Perhaps your meal prep or your workouts. Start planning fall inspired meals and sign up for new workout classes and one on one training.

The point is that September comes with plenty of ways to re-light that fire under your tush, whether it’s a simple shift in perspective you need or a more structured schedule. Pick what works with your plan, and get going! This fall season is all you need to get back on track.


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