Coconut Flour…Is it Good for You?

Contributed by: Amanda Albiar, NCSF-CPT

Most people think of coconut as being an additive to desserts, candy, or pie fillings….but it can actually be quite beneficial. Coconut flour is made from ground coconut meat and can be found in your local grocery store. The flour has a light airy texture with a coconut flavor and can be used in baked goods for a lower-carb, higher-fiber, and gluten-free alternative to wheat flour.

Cooking with coconut flour can be beneficial because it is gluten-free and allows you to bake without some of the inflammatory side effects wheat can cause. With 5 grams of fiber per tablespoon, it takes a lot longer to digest and metabolize coconut flour versus whole-grain or white flour. Another benefit of the high fiber content is that coconut flour does not spike blood sugar as quickly as grain-based flours. Finally, coconut flour contains a significant amount of protein and healthy fats…..which contributes to your daily protein intake, helps boost your metabolism, and increases instant energy.


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