Don’t Binge

Contributed by Michael Devon

Breaking your diet by eating a biscuit, thinking “oh well I ruined it” and going on to eat three burgers, five pieces of cake, ice cream, two brownies, and a whole pizza is an unhealthy habit to start and an even harder one to break. This is known as binge eating and will cause havoc to more than your waist line.

The key is moderation and reminding yourself that in the grand scheme of things, consuming an extra 200 calories is not going to ruin your weight loss progress in one day. Getting right back on track at your next meal will work in your favor and if you can decrease the amount of calories you consume throughout the rest of your day; you’ll still be on track for your weight loss despite the biscuit you felt guilty for eating.

Now, if you succumb to eating the biscuit, followed by the burgers, the pizza, and the sweets; you’re sabotaging your efforts. This bad habit can turn an extra few hundred calories into an extra few thousand calories and will ultimately take a significant amount of effort to undo the damage! Keep this in mind the next time you feel a trigger to binge and remember to seek balance with your calories and adapt each meal based on your daily caloric allowance. If you indulge in the biscuit make up for those extra calories later on in the day by eating less or squeezing in an extra workout.

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