Improve Your Posture

Contributed by Laurel Dierking

If you are wanting to improve your natural core strength, body awareness, oxygen uptake, improve your concentration, look more slim in your midsection, and even feel more confident, you can achieve it all through one minor adjustment; your posture. Elongating the two natural concave curves in your spine, as if you are being lifted by a string, will not only make you more self aware, but can also reduce a great deal of strain on your lower back. Chronic poor posture often results in increased risk of slipped disc, aching back, poor blood circulation to lower extremities, and weakened core muscles.

Maintaining awareness in your posture can also allow for the full utilization of the lungs. Increased oxygen intake can make you more alert, more mindful, and will help reduce anxiety and stress. When the efficiency of our lungs is reduced due to poor breathing, less oxygen is available to our cells, and it slows down the flow of blood which carries wastes from the kidneys and lungs.

Numerous research studies have shown that posture is directly related to self-image and can influence an individual’s first impression. Walking upright fosters a more positive and confident demeanor while lengthening your midsection, giving the appearance of a more long/lean look.

Becoming more mindful of your body positioning will not only cultivate a greater awareness of your body, but it will also reduce strain on the low back, activate weakened core muscles, and improve concentration. This direct improvement in health is accessible to everyone, so long as we choose to notice what our body is doing. Practice, practice, practice, and correct, correct, correct your posture whenever you find yourself slouching. The benefits of such a slight adjustment will ripple throughout your body and mind.


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