With summer in our midst it is important to remember that water is your friend. Heat can be beat with proper hydration.

The effects of water loss on the body can be detrimental to your health. There is an increased strain on your heart with only 0.5% lost, and with a mere 1-3% lost, you can expect to have a reduced performance in your aerobic and muscular endurance. As you continue to lose more water your strength will noticeably suffer and your motor skills will also be affected. Heat exhaustion, cramping, fatigue, and reduced mental capacity are experienced with 5% water loss and physical exhaustion, heat stroke, and a coma can arise from a 6% loss of water. Death can occur with only 10% loss of water, so it is important to remind yourself to stay hydrated at all times.

Try carrying around refillable water bottles with you or taking a longer drink from a water fountain any time you see one. You can get creative with your water by adding a lemon wedge or even super charge your water by infusing cucumbers or berries for some other added flavor. Unsweetened tea bags are another great way to increase your water intake and simultaneously add some antioxidant power (tea can be an excellent source of antioxidants, especially green tea).

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