Knee Pain, Exercising, and How To Do Both!

Contributed by: Amanda Albiar, B.A., NCSF-CPT

Do you love being in the water? Does knee pain stop you from working out regularly? Well now you can take your workouts with you to the pool and exercise pain free!

Knee osteoarthritis can affect as much as 13% of women 60 and older. If you are carrying excess weight, it can lead to joint pain on a daily basis. Studies from a University in Finland show that high intensity water workouts can help you lose weight without increasing knee pain.

Often times someone with knee pain avoids exercise on land due to excessive pain. There are numerous benefits to moving in water. During a 4 month study, a group of 60 year olds completed intense water workouts and found that their knee pain did not get worse 12 months later. Therefore working out in the water is something that they can safely do longterm to help maintain a healthy lifestyle without compromising their knee joints.

If this is something that hinders your physical activity…find a pool, a group of friends, and get moving in the water.


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