What people think is difficult and what is actually more difficult can be the difference between continuously accomplishing your goals or sabotaging your every effort. It is important to recognize your strengths and weaknesses throughout your path of wellness. For some it may be easy to go to the gym and difficult to remain consistent with their nutrition. Identify what propels you forward and what slows you down. If one of your strengths is eating quality foods and you can never find time to make it to the gym…seek help from friends and family! Try inviting them to join you in group training or even partner training! Having a workout buddy can motivate you to turn fitness into a daily habit! Developing nutrient dense eating habits can be very difficult for some people and without implementing sound nutrition principles their work in the gym never progresses and they continuously feel like giving up. Take a look in the mirror today and take some time to think about two things you do really well and three things that seem to always make you take a few steps backwards. Write these things down and reflect on them throughout the day. Seek additional support to help you with the things that make you go backwards; focus on the habits that help you progress forward towards your goals.  When the temptation to skip the gym or cheat on that meal presents itself…seek your support system to help you get past those temptations.


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