Contributed by Dani Barbosa
Health & Fitness Professional

“No Pain, No Gain” – Not really.

Many people have come to believe the fake news, that is a workout must be grueling and leave you sore for days to be effective. Well, I am here to drop some truth bombs on you… Following this “no pain, no gain” mantra, you are likely setting yourself up for injury rather than making actual progress. When it comes to exercise, more is not always better. In order to reap the most benefits of exercise you must utilize a variety of intensities (low, moderate, and high) to allow your body to recover and rebuild between workouts.

Exercise is medicine, it should only make your body feel stronger, energized, and mobile. If your exercise program is leaving you with aches and pain, it’s time to reevaluate your goals and strength and adjust your program accordingly, instead of constantly working through pain and nursing injuries. If you enjoy a sweaty, high intensity, breathless workout, AWESOME! More power to you! But, this type of workout will take a toll on your body if you do not allow yourself adequate time to rest and provide yourself with the nutrients your body needs to recover between workouts. Instead of pushing yourself as hard as you can 3-5 days out of the week and spending the rest of your time tending to your aches and pains, incorporating a variety of low, moderate, and high intensity workouts throughout your week will allow your body to recover but also keep you moving toward your goals. Making sure to get an adequate amount of sleep and giving your body the nutrients in needs to rebuild will optimize your recovery and get you through your next workout.

So, what can we take away from this post? You DO NOT have to chase that stiff and sore post workout feeling to achieve results. A mix a varying exercise modes and intensities will keep your body feeling energetic and strong rather than tired and sore.

Provided below is a sample of how to effectively vary exercise intensities to keep you feeling strong and allow your body to repair and recover.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
High Intensity Low intensity Moderate Intensity High Intensity Rest High -moderate Intensity Low Intensity

Train smarter, not harder! Enjoy!


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